Service Specials at Giles Volvo Cars Near Lafayette, LA

When minding the overall health and performance of your Volvo XC90, take advantage of service specials at Giles Volvo Cars.

Advertised daily, Giles Volvo Cars' service specials seek to encourage Volvo owners and lessees to properly maintain their prized Volvo vehicles. Given those inherent Volvo Cars' attributes of safety and performance, all related systems require attention. That's where and when Giles Volvo Cars' state-of-the-art service department steps in. And saved are time and money.

What Are Giles Volvo Cars Service Coupons?

With seasons changing or looming, Giles Volvo Cars will extend to the greater Lafayette area service coupons. These are advertised online and may be printed for redeeming when making your servicing appointment online and seeing it through. So, at any given time, the following, top maintenance procedures and servicing intervals will see cost-savings:

Oil Changes Using Volvo-Crafted, Synthetic Castrol™ Edge™ Oil

Fresh engine oil is optimal every few thousand miles for lubrication of parts and components. You'll never want your Volvo S90 in-need of fresh oil and new filter, as engine damage may surely result.

Tire Rotation and Servicing

Have your Volvo V90 tires inspected for tread depth, cracking along sidewalls or objects lodged. And frequent rotation is suggested at certain, regular intervals, thereby eliminating uneven wear. Affected is gas mileage.

Brake Parts Inspection

Given positioning, Volvo XC40 brake parts are exposed to road elements in an exposed spot. When wear is accelerated, it will be noted by a definite vibration when braking, and usually accompanied with noise coming from affected well-wheels.

Wheel Alignment Along Front End Axle

If your Volvo XC90 luxury SUV significantly pulls when driven at high speeds, the angling and tilt of front wheels will require immediate correction. This is performed at Giles Volvo Cars by use of specialized Volvo Service equipment in the hands of our Volvo factory-trained technicians.

Engine System Parts

Engine parts and components comprising belts and hoses require ongoing examination. A loose belt could very easily immobilize your Volvo V90 Cross Country when falling off or just snapping in two.

Fluids Topped Off

Certain Volvo systems of steering, brakes and wipers infinitely require full fluid levels. And when there are leaks or low levels, these important Volvo systems will remind of replenishment to the point of danger.

Volvo HVAC Systems

Volvo Cars' air conditioning is part of a wider system known as "HVAC." This initialism stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning. Though more specifically, the overall system comprises a condenser, compressor, evaporator and cabin air filter. For optimal cabin heating and cooling, each part needs to be working in concert.

Coolant, Transmission Fluid Flushing

A fluid flush will incorporate the cleansing of an entire system soon after fluids are removed. This seeks to wash away caking grit, which is then seen in peak engine performance and smooth gear transitioning.

Cabin, Engine Filter Replacement

Clean, filtered air is all important for a Volvo 2L, four-cylinder engine, and likewise a Volvo XC60 cabin. After all, your engine utilizes clean air as would a Volvo fighter-jet engine. As well, allergens released inside the cabin may prove unhealthy for occupants. Have these filters inspected for integrity and wear, replacing as needed.

When Should I Bring My Volvo Down to Giles Volvo Cars' Service Department?

Given the above listing of available servicing and maintenance procedures, you'll be rewarded immeasurably when cost-saving service coupons and maintenance incentives are advertised. Each, every Volvo luxury SUV, sedan and wagon performs as it should with regular maintenance.

Though, should you suspect something amiss, visit our local Lafayette service department immediately.

We're sorry, we do not currently have any specials published. Please check back soon or contact us for more information.

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