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Volvo Service and Auto Repair in Lafayette, LA

Want to keep your new Volvo model running like new for years? Here’s the secret: Keep up with its maintenance schedule. Routine service will help your vehicle maintain its fuel efficiency and enable its individual parts to last longer and perform better. By sticking to a maintenance schedule, you’ll actually save money in the long run, as you avoid expensive repairs that can result from a lack of regular service. Plus, it’s highly possible that your Volvo can serve you well for up to 200,000 miles or more when you stick to its service schedule.

Since your Volvo deserves high-quality service, we recommend leaving it in the hands of technicians who are Volvo experts. Here at Giles Volvo Cars, our technicians have spent years working with the Volvo vehicles of our customers from Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans, and they know the brand’s models inside and out. From minor maintenance to major repairs and replacements, you can trust our highly skilled service team to get the job done quickly and correctly. If your Volvo needs maintenance today, or if you want to consult with our team about an ideal service schedule for your model, schedule an appointment today. Want even more reason to bring your Volvo to our service center here in Lafayette? Keep reading to learn about the services we provide and why each is important to your model’s health.

Services We Offer

From the oil tank to the brake pads, your Volvo is full of parts that need regular service so that they can keep you safe on the road. We provide a variety of automotive services that are essential to your vehicle’s health, and every one is completed with a high degree of care and attention to detail. We also only use genuine OEM parts that are made to fit your vehicle perfectly. These are some of our most commonly requested services:

  • Brake Repair
  • State Inspections
  • Comprehensive Multi-Point Inspections
  • A/C
  • Batteries
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Replacing Coolant
  • Changing Filters
  • Broken Transmission
  • And Much More!

Service Descriptions

We offer a wide variety of services here at Giles Volvo Cars, and you may be wondering what each service consists of — and why each one is so important. Here’s a breakdown of some of our most popular services and how they can benefit your vehicle.

Oil Change

The oil in your Volvo vehicle is there to keep the engine’s fast-moving parts lubricated and moving smoothly, reducing friction in the engine overall. Over time, this oil collects dirt and becomes thick and less effective. Just like many other parts of your vehicle, the oil (and the oil filter) must be replaced, and we recommend having it changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. Our team will drain out the old oil, replace the filter and refill the oil tank with fresh, clean oil that will keep your engine lubricated and cool and help it run more efficiently.

Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle’s wheels need to be aligned correctly so that your tires wear down evenly and last as long as possible. When your wheels are misaligned, one or more of your tires can wear out prematurely, potentially causing damage or a blowout. You’ll also notice poor handling when you drive on misaligned wheels. If you aren’t sure about the status of your wheels, we will be happy to provide a wheel alignment check and realign your wheels if necessary. This will allow you to get the most out of your tires and drive more safely.

Tire Rotation

Like a wheel alignment, a tire rotation service will help your tires last longer. When tires are rotated regularly, they wear down evenly as they roll over the road. Bring your vehicle in for regular tire rotations every six months or so, and you’ll get your money’s worth out of your tires.

Brake Service

For obvious reasons, your brakes are some of the most crucial components in your Volvo. If your brakes are becoming less responsive or they’re making unusual noises as you slow down and stop, it’s time to bring them in for a checkup. We’ll make sure your brake pads, brake lines and all other integral parts are working properly so you stay protected as you drive. If you have any concerns about your brakes, don’t hesitate to contact us for an inspection and repair if necessary.

Why Routine Maintenance Matters

As we mentioned previously, routine maintenance is vital to your Volvo model’s longevity. It may be tempting to put off service appointments to save money, but keeping up with your vehicle’s service schedule will benefit you financially in the long run. As an example, engine burnout can be a result of neglecting oil changes, so to avoid having to replace your engine, it’s far wiser to follow a service schedule. After all, the cost of regular oil changes is far lower than the cost of replacing an entire engine — and our service and parts specials can help you save even more.

Why Choose Giles Volvo Cars for Service?

We offer a service experience that is excellent from start to finish here at Giles Volvo Cars. We make it easy to schedule an appointment online, and once you get to our dealership, you’ll be warmly welcomed and shown the best in customer service. Our service center has the cutting-edge tools needed to diagnose and repair any issues your Volvo is experiencing, and our technicians are highly professional, courteous and well-versed in all things Volvo. They’ll have your Volvo tuned-up and ready to drive home in no time. You won’t get this kind of service and expertise at just any corner garage, so trust Giles Volvo Cars with all your automotive needs — you won’t regret it. Schedule online or give us a call today to make an appointment with our experts. We look forward to serving you!

If you have any questions or want to schedule a service appointment, please contact us or visit our dealership at 111 South City Parkway, Lafayette, LA 70503. We are eager to help with all your Volvo model’s needs. Giles Volvo Cars is located in Lafayette, LA, near Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans.