When you shop for a compact luxury crossover, there are so many things to consider. And it isn't necessarily the price. You have to take into account if it has everything you want from a car. From an up-to-date infotainment system to advanced safety features and first-class materials throughout. But it must also have enough power to get you through your Opelousas commute with ease and grace. When you boil it all down, these all sound like features met by the new Volvo XC40 from Giles Volvo Car.

When you compare the Volvo XC40 to its peers, you'll find it measures up in many categories. Other names may be more familiar or bring a reputation for elegance, and with good reason. But the Volvo XC40 could be the total package when matched up against its competitors.

Volvo XC40 vs. BMW X1

One of the big names in luxury is BMW. Consider some of the differences: The Volvo XC40 starts with genuine leather seats. The BMW X1 makes you pay extra for this simple luxury. The X1 starts with a potent 228 horsepower four-cylinder engine. When you compare it to the 187-horsepower starter engine of the XC40, it is impressive. However, if horsepower is your lone indicator for power, take a look at the lively 248 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder of the XC40.

Both models offer you smartphone integration and a large touchscreen (nine-inch touchscreen on the XC40, 8.8-inch for the X1). But only the Volvo offers more than one USB port, Satellite, and HD radio for your travels through New Iberia. When you look at the list of standard features of the Volvo XC40, it would seem to be a no brainer when choosing a luxury crossover.

Volvo XC40 vs. Audi Q3

Typically, you get an SUV for two reasons. One: Enjoy a new adventure every trip through Youngsville. Two: It is large and sporty enough to handle your family journey. Your family safety has always been a priority for Volvo. While the Q3 brings you an all-wheel-drive with each trim level, the XC40 also makes it available. The difference lies in both the Volvo engineering and the standard suite of driver-assist features in the Volvo City Safety package.

The Audi similarly starts with a 228-horsepower four-cylinder as its only option, but its fuel efficiency lags behind the XC40. Android users will be out of luck if they plan on listening to their favorite songs in the Q3. It does not even offer Android Auto as part of its package.

No two luxury SUVs are created the same. Every model has its strong points. In the end, it is up to you to determine which are the features you value most from your luxury SUV. Take the Volvo XC40 for a test drive and discover which features are essential to you. Visit the team at Giles Volvo Cars in Lafayette and start your search off on the right foot with the Volvo XC40.

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