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Volvo Connectivity in Lafayette, LA

Connect better with friends, family and colleagues with the hands-free ease and convenience of Volvo Connectivity. Found in our lineup of new Volvo sedans and SUVs (and in many of our used Volvo models from 2015 and onwards), world-class technology enables our guests from all over Louisiana to enjoy the entertainment they love and the protection they need to get to and from their desired destinations. While safety is a hallmark of all Volvo models, we’d love to focus on how this technology changes the way our customers drive to meet clients for a business lunch, listen to their favorite playlists with friends or even remotely change the cabin’s temperature from their phones. A whole new level of convenience is created with Volvo Connectivity — keep reading to learn how.

Sensus Navigation

Whether it’s across town or from coastline to coastline, Sensus Navigation can get you there. It’s the Volvo-exclusive, fully integrated, connected navigation system displayed on the center touchscreen of select new Volvo models. With this system, you’ll be able to send locations to your model with a helpful feature called Send to Car, either from your smartphone browser or through Volvo On Call. Glympse, Local Search, Yelp, Park & Pay and Wiki Locations are other integrated apps at your disposal with Sensus Navigation.


Audio Systems

Listen up — your new Volvo comes equipped with one of the best audio systems in the world. Volvo Connectivity offers three levels of audio to drivers: Bower and Wilkins, Harman Kardon and the Volvo High Performance audio system. Each system produces an enriched, unique sound that’s perfectly tailored to the model that it calls home. Your music will come alive, creating a subversive ambiance that will be difficult to leave. Curious to experience the differences between our systems? Test-drive the models after browsing our inventory online.

Volvo On Call App

The exclusive, subscription-based app, Volvo On Call, is now standard on every new Volvo. And that’s good news — every Volvo driver can have the ultimate driving companion at their disposal. From any location and at any time, access these luxurious amenities:

  • Digital Service Booking
  • Remote climate control
  • Remote locking/unlocking
  • Parking spot locator
  • Customer Care Center
  • In-car Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Notifications on the health and safety of your Volvo

With Volvo On Call, the control is placed back in your hands. Your comfort comes first, and whether it’s connecting to your phone’s calendar or scheduling your vehicle’s maintenance, Volvo On Call can be your personal assistant so that you can focus on the bigger things ahead.

Your connectivity deserves an upgrade. Why not make it Volvo Connectivity? If you have any questions about the features we’ve discussed or about our new inventory of Volvo sedans and SUVs, stop by Giles Volvo Cars, located at 111 South City Parkway, Lafayette, LA 70503. We proudly serve those from Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans.