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Keep your Volvo like new

Volvo Cleaning Tips in Lafayette, LA

Volvo models are built to last, and at Giles Volvo Cars, we’ve seen and serviced the same vehicles for years. However, it’s not an accident that the same drivers who have vehicles that last for decades are the same ones who meticulously take care of their vehicle, whether they are driving it or not. Defensive driving and sticking to routine maintenance schedules are just some of the expert tips on keeping your car in great shape. In addition to that, there are some things you can do that will not only protect your vehicle, but save you money as well.

Make a Monthly Checklist

A great way to get started on properly maintaining your Volvo is to create a monthly checklist that allows you to track your efforts as well as important information about the car. Some checklists can include the tire pressure, writing down the mileage, cleaning the interior, getting the vehicle waxed to protect the paint and more.

Consider creating your own based on information you can find throughout the web. A great example of this is with which types of products to use to clean your vehicle. While most options are the same, some products offer better protection or additional benefits that the others do not. This is where the research can offer clarification.

Tips from the Pros

Cleaning your vehicle comes down to understanding how each section is different along with the wear and tear it goes through each month. This will help you understand what areas of the car need more attention than others. If you have not had anything in the trunk or back seat for the month other than some groceries, then you may want to go over the area quickly with a rag as well as a vacuum. You will not need to invest as much time there as you will areas of the vehicle that see more use.

One thing professionals with years of experience maintaining and cleaning vehicles recommend is that once a month, perhaps while cleaning, you allow the car to sit with the windows down and perhaps even the doors open. Cleaning the car routinely is smart. However, often cleaning usually doesn’t air out the vehicle, it simply adds more chemicals to the interior. Letting some fresh air into the vehicle can help preserve the upholstery, and your allergies will appreciate it as well.

Cutting Down on Costs

Another key benefit to remember is that by maintaining your vehicle each month, especially by yourself, you are cutting down on the cost of keeping your car clean because you are doing it yourself, and you are also saving hundreds or thousands of dollars of wear and tear on the vehicle. Some of that includes savings on labor, but the real savings will be noticed when you don't have to take your car in for professional maintenance as often.

At Giles Volvo Cars, we focus on providing our customers with the best service, finance options, quality inventory and guidance in order to help you be a happier car owner. If you are interested in learning more about how to properly maintain and clean your vehicle, feel free to stop by our service center at 111 South City Parkway, Lafayette, LA 70503 , near Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans and meet with a certified technician who can show you the steps you should take every month. Or contact us if you have any questions — we can't wait to serve you!