Does Oil Quality Matter? | Lafayette LA

Learn About Oil Quality in Lafayette, LA

Oil allows the many components of your engine to run smoothly with less friction, which is why oil changes are vital for your vehicle’s health. Bringing your car, truck or SUV in for regular service will keep it running like new for years to come. You can check how often you should book a service appointment here at Giles Volvo Cars by referring to your owner’s manual or asking one of our expert technicians for advice. Is it almost time for your next oil change? You may not know what oil quality your vehicle needs — or the differences between the types of oil — but we’re happy to help. Below, we’ve explained various oil qualities, how to determine what works for your specific model and how often to have your oil changed.

Oil Types

Each of the two types of oil — conventional and synthetic — comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Conventional oil is cheaper and works well for many makes and models, but some engine types (including luxury and performance) require the more refined synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is tailored to work with fine-tuned machines and is thus more expensive, but it also lasts longer than conventional oil. You can also find other types of oil suited for specific types of vehicles, such as high-mileage cars or those with turbocharged engines. Blends of conventional and synthetic oils fall into this category.

Modern Oil

The highest-quality oil will have the American Petroleum Institute (API) service symbol (shaped like a donut) or the API certification mark (shaped like a starburst) on the bottle. Choosing a high-quality oil will help your engine last longer, since oil acts as lubrication to reduce friction and lessen wear and tear on your engine’s components. The API’s highest rated oil is SM oil, designed to help resist rust and reduce deposits in your engine. We’ll always recommend the highest quality oil we have here at our service center.

What's Right for You?

To determine the best oil for your vehicle, check your owner’s manual and see what the manufacturer recommends. It’s a good idea to follow these guidelines since they were written specifically for your make and model. If you need even more certainty that you’re using the right oil in your vehicle, check with our team of technicians. They’ll know exactly which oil to use (and even what weight it should be). Don’t put off the oil change your car needs! Bring it to the Giles Volvo Cars service center today.

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