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What Do the Lights on My Dashboard Mean in Lafayette, LA?

If it’s been a while since you took driver’s ed, you may have a hard time remembering what all the lights on your dashboard represent. If so, don’t worry — we’re here to help. Some of the lights are harmless reminders, while other lights indicate serious issues that need immediate attention. It’s important to understand your dashboard lights so that you know when to schedule service here at Giles Volvo Cars. Customers from all over Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans trust their Volvo models to our technicians, and for good reason. With years of experience working with Volvo vehicles, our team is able to diagnose and address issues quickly and accurately, which means you can have confidence every time you schedule an appointment with us. For now, take a look at the common dashboard lights below to learn what each one means (and don’t forget: You can always check your owner’s manual for more specific information on your model).

Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light

This light indicates that there’s a problem with the engine. Since the check engine light can come on for a wide variety of reasons, bring your vehicle to our team as soon as you can. Engine malfunction could lead to issues with the entire powertrain.

Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Your engine has overheated and it needs to cool down. Park immediately and turn off the engine so the temperature can decrease.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Your model needs an oil change, since the oil pressure in the engine is low. When you visit us for a service appointment, our team will perform an inspection and oil and filter change.

Battery/Charging Warning Light

If you see this light, it means your car’s battery voltage is low. Park and check under the hood to see if you can identify what’s wrong with the battery (for example, faulty wiring, a broken fan belt or breakdown due to age). If you find the problem (or if you can’t figure out what’s wrong), call our technicians and they’ll advise you on what to do next.

Door Ajar Indicator Light

One of your doors (or your trunk) isn’t closed all the way. Check to ensure all your doors are closed, and once the light turns off, keep driving.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light

This means one of your tires has low pressure. Find a gas station with an air pump and use a tire pressure gauge to identify which tire is low. You can find the recommended air pressure for your tires in your owner’s manual. Once you find the problem tire, fill it up with the air pump to the correct PSI. The dashboard light should turn off automatically.

Brake System Light

This light can indicate one of four problems. Either your brake fluid is low, you left your parking brake on and started driving, there’s something wrong with the ABS system or your entire brake system has an issue. Start by checking the parking brake and then, if the light doesn’t turn off, bring your model in to have the brakes inspected.

Traction Control Indicator Light

You’ll most likely see this light turn on when you’re driving in a rainstorm. It simply means that your vehicle’s traction control is in use. Drive carefully on slippery roads, but otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about.

Security Indicator Light

There’s something wrong with your car’s security system. Bring your model to Giles Volvo Cars for an inspection.

Cruise Control Indicator Light

You have activated cruise control.

Whether your car needs regularly scheduled maintenance or extensive repairs, visit Giles Volvo Cars at 111 South City Parkway, Lafayette, LA 70503 or contact us online if you have any questions you’d like answered first. Our knowledgeable service technicians look forward to serving customers from Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans.