It is nice to drive a good-looking luxury SUV. But one of the keywords in the acronym SUV is "Utility." Even though its focus may be on an elegant ride through New Iberia, the Volvo XC90 provides you with the versatility you desire for those weekend getaways. Not only does it give you plenty of cargo space for your family vacation to Opelousas, but it also provides the muscle you want for towing.

The Volvo XC90 is capable of towing as much as 5,000 pounds behind it. That means it is ready for anything you need it to haul. Are you planning on taking the camper out to your favorite spot in New Iberia? Hook it up and hit the road. When your XC90 is equipped with the T6 or T8 powertrain, you get more than enough muscle to pull your weekend accommodations.

Are you more of a fan of water sports? The XC90 is way ahead of you. Whether it is your fishing boat or something with a little more speed, you can take your boat to your slip and set out for a day on the lake. You can throw your gear and cooler in the back of your XC90 and spend a nice relaxing day on the water. When the day is over, you have the confidence knowing your XC90 will get you and your boat home safe.

But the XC90 isn't just for fun. Are you relocating your new Ragin Cajun this summer? Save yourself a couple of trips to the campus and get yourself a trailer. Throw in a couch, bed, and even a dresser set, as well as all the boxes your student will need to get through the school year. They might actually enjoy having you help them move into the dorm when you show up in Lafayette in your Volvo XC90.

The Volvo XC90 may not be the most powerful crossover on the streets of Youngsville, but it more than capable of getting you and your supplies across town with style and flair. Don't underestimate the power of this midsize crossover. Hook up your trailer and hit the road.

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