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Volvo Luxury Found at Giles Volvo Cars Near Lafayette, LA

Volvo is a brand offering incomparable luxury encased within minimalistic lines. While comforting interiors lend something for all senses, performance and safety features extend directly from Volvo design houses known for innovation. After all, Volvo produces jet engines for the Swedish Air Force.

Therefore, nothing is left to chance in Giles Volvo Cars' popular new and pre-owned selections of Volvo XC90 and XC60 luxury SUVs, as well as Volvo S60 sedan. Near New Iberia, there's not another inventory similar.

And Giles Volvo Cars offers Volvo Certified Pre-Owned models, leasing specials and the ability to start the Volvo acquisition process from home. This whole approach anchors the Volvo experience for all to partake.

Fuel-Powered, Volvo Luxury SUVs Await the Youngsville Client

Several standout Volvo luxury SUVs beckon individuals and families alike. Perhaps the inherent safety parameters and proprietary driver-assistance features collectively entice. And no doubt, performance holds sway as well. Mind you, each fuel-fired SUV has a matching hybridized or pure-electric cousin, providing more choice towards Scandinavian efficiency.

Below, find the defining attributes of each popular Volvo luxury SUV at Giles Volvo Cars' local Opelousas location:

Volvo XC90, the Larger Luxury SUV

  • Seating for up to seven ensures family and friends make the trip memorable.
  • Fuel economy of up to 30 mpg, supplied by an 18.8-gal. tank, allows for worry-free commuting.
  • With cargo space comprising 85.7 cu.-ft. and towing capacity set at 4,000-lbs., you've assured a summer vacation's opportunities.
  • Safety features and driver-assist amenities round out this very capable luxury SUV.

Volvo XC60 Tends to Own the Road

  • Bowers & Wilkins speakers are specifically situated for pristine audio quality.
  • Advanced turbocharged powertrains offer superior performance when it's required most.
  • Dedicated storage space for smartphones allows wireless charging opportunities.
  • Connectivity is demonstrated in Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ applications accessed on a centralized touchscreen display.

The Volvo Luxury Sedan Elicits a Sporty Sense of Elegance

Sedans have made a comeback as of late, with Volvo luxury sedans leading the way. So, if a Volvo luxury SUV is too much in terms of size, Volvo luxury sedans offer an attractive alternative. Though by no means pale in comparison.

Volvo S60, a Dynamic, Powerful Sedan

  • Acceleration from stillness to 60 mph is dialed-in at 5.3-seconds.
  • Head-up display will screen speed, turn-by-turn directions and incoming phone calls, mitigating distracted turns-of-head.
  • An adaptive chassis will instantly select for three driving modes given necessity.
  • Advanced air filtration technology enhances interior cabin air quality.

The Hybrid and Pure-Electric Volvo Offerings

For the added perk of a reduced need of fuel, Giles Volvo Cars has hybrid and pure-electric SUV and sedan versions to be inquisitive about. With Volvo hybrid vehicles, the concept is simple and realized. With an overnight charge, you're afforded a certain amount of all-electric mileage. When the charge starts to wane, the hybrid operation adds to powering.

The hybridized Volvo luxury SUVs and sedans are not spared those same attributes and features in their fuel-powered relations. Though, performance is enhanced given an electric motor will boost an engine's output.

As well, certain federal tax credits and state incentives apply when you acquire a Volvo Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The advantages overall myriad and encompassing.

Volvo XC90 Recharge, Plug-In Efficiency

  • Pure-electric ranging of up to 18-miles, and a fuel economy of 55 mpge steady the budget.
  • Absolutely no tailpipe emissions follow when driving in pure-electric mode.
  • With a fully charged battery, your daily commute or local errand runs will never need fuel.
  • An interior boasts seating surfaces entirely free of leather.

Volvo XC60 Recharge, Electric All-Wheel-Drive Roaming

  • Up to 19-miles in pure-electric ranging keep things smooth and quiet.
  • Fuel economizing of 57 mpge enforces the reduced need of service station fill-ups.
  • A full range of accessories is available, from roof-top boxes and kayak cradles to bike holders.
  • Driver-assistance features run the gamut while enhancing a safer drive.

Volvo XC40 Recharge, the All-Electric, Luxury SUV

  • With a robust, overnight charge, you're afforded up to 208-miles in pure-electric roaming.
  • A 40-minute charge ensures 80% battery capacity for a quick turn around.
  • Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is rated at 4.7-seconds, lending power for highway on-ramps.
  • You'll never need fuel again, given all-electric properties.

Volvo S60 Recharge, Hybridized Sedan Styling

  • An astounding 69 mpge is efficiently earned.
  • The all-electric driving capacity enables up to 22-fuel-free miles.
  • There's a towing capacity comprising 2,000-lbs., and 11.6 cu.-ft. of cargo spacing.
  • The athletic character is seen in dual-integrated tailpipes and other exterior dynamics.

The Used, Certified Pre-Owned Inventory at Giles Volvo Cars Near Lafayette

The benefits of a pre-owned Volvo from Giles Volvo Cars could decide things for you. If acquiring a new Volvo is out-of-range at-the-moment, a pre-owned Volvo luxury SUV or sedan might satisfy desire and affordability.

With that said, before a used Volvo vehicle is presented for sale, it will undergo an extensive 170-point inspection. If other criteria are met, such as mileage under 80,000 and no major collisions, the pre-owned Volvo model will earn Certified by Volvo status. And with comes a whole host of benefits in terms of warranties, roadside assistance and specialized maintenance and servicing.

Start the Volvo Acquisition Process at Home in Opelousas

Giles Volvo Cars has enabled clientele to begin the Volvo purchase experience from home, on any device. By completing the online financing application, you'll have the confidence of credit pre-approval. As well, the online "Value Your Trade" portal allows the client to supply pertinent information as to a current vehicle for its eventual trade value.

In all, Giles Volvo Cars wants to share the Volvo experience all around.

Giles Volvo Cars, the One Spot Near New Iberia for Volvo Excellence

Stop by our local Youngsville dealership today for any, all information. We look forward to working with you.